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Fees and Shawn's Services

Cost for Shawn's Servies:  $750.00 plus tax

Deposit of $250.00 due on 1st prenatal visit, which secures your place in my calendar,  the remainder due 2 weeks before your due date.  I offer a reduced price for teen moms 19 and under. 


Services:  1 free consultation, 2 prenatal visits, labor and birth, 1 postpartum visit (explained below).


Free Consultation:

This can be in person or by phone.  I meet with you to answer any questions you may have.  You and your partner can decide if you think I would be a good “fit” to be your doula.  If not, I can suggest other doulas you may wish to interview.


Prenatal Visits:

1st Visit - I meet with you and your partner to discuss (and explore if need be) a birth plan which will include your ideal choices for your birth.  I will explain different comfort measures we can use to help with labor, and make suggestions of ways you may wish to prepare for labor beforehand.  I can answer questions you may have or help you to find the right resource for more information on any topic concerning labor, child birth, and your newborn.  We all review the Doula Contract and sign the agreement, which reserves my time for your birth and remaining visits. 

2nd Visit - We meet again to discuss any concerns you may have.  I get to know you and your partner better, and you get to know me better, so we can begin to solidify our birthing “team”.  If you are planning a hospital or birthing center birth, we may tour the birthing area.  Looking forward to your labor and birth, we can use this time to address any and all apprehensions, goals and desires.  You will gain confidence as you anticipate the coming event with your doula and loved ones by your side!


Labor and birth:

Please call me when you start labor, or are just feeling that possibly a change is happening.  I leave it to your discretion to decide when you would like me to come.  I can come at the first contraction if you like or wait a while.  Whatever your choice, I will be with you continuously until about an hour after you give birth.   I will come visit you for a short time the day after you give birth (or later the same day if you have a morning birth) to share in the rejoicing!


Postpartum Visit:

As you start a fresh chapter of your life as the mother of a new little one, I am available to you by phone to help with breast feeding or to answer any questions for a few weeks after you have your baby.  I also come for a visit when your baby is 5 - 8 days old to check on you both.  We will review the birth as you develop the “birth story” for your baby, and I will ask for feedback from you and your partner about my role as your doula.