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I have lived in Santa Fe since 1969 and been married to my beloved husband for the past 40 years.  I have many interests including childbirth, raising and educating children, nutrition, and participating in my church.  I have 4 grown children which I have been privileged to parent.  

I enjoy helping women wherever they give birth, and I have experience at home births and standard hospital births.  I believe childbirth is a very natural process which works extremely well.  Just look at the population of the world for proof!  This is why I like to think of every birth as a “natural birth”.  In our time and place in the world, this fact is sometimes forgotten and women can come to believe that birth is a process fraught with complications and risks, but the opposite is true.

Birth is an incredibly joyous, intimate and amazing natural event; childbirth is a unique ability which women possess. The birth of every baby is a breath-taking experience for all present, especially for the laboring woman. Hormones present in a woman’s body surrounding her time of birth heighten many perceptions and emotions.  A woman retains a lifelong memory of even the smallest details as she brings each of her children into the world.  The importance of helping her and her husband/partner create a peaceful and comfortable environment as she labors to birth her baby is my focus as a birth doula. I enjoy serving families in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque area as a birth doula.